Princess Back Humiliating Small Dick Men!

So I was just getting into this whole humiliation phone sex thing. Taking calls laughing at losers etc and them my friend decides to put a fucking knot in it all. She got in some massive fight with her boyfriend and thought crashing on my couch was like the best thing ever and NEVER. WANTED. TO. LEAVE!

small penis humiliation phone sex

Like love ya and all but come one here.

Goooo home!

Make his life absolutely miserable. Ya I dont do that cry on my shoulder thing for too long. Well I do it for 3 days longer if we are popping back a bit of alcohol but eh. After a month its like yup bitch ya got to go! I have men to tease and well make their life brighter with my absolutely amazing bratty self.

Good news. She is gone. Praise all things holy.

There was like a few times I logged in thinking sweet she will be gone for the night she is off trying to make up with him and he was a complete ass and she would show up at my door buzzing to get back in again. Like dude. This is the best your going to get in the way of pussy why the fuck are you ruining it?

Honestly, his is a complete loser and I have no clue why she is with him. I would say small dick but like he must be good at something for her to stay right? Ha look who I am even tossing that question out too. Probably more men with even smaller dicks than him. Fuck like you guys know. Your amazed you still have a fucking girlfriend half the time.

Ok not to make this a complete bitch fest of a blog. Ha! too fucking late Tegz. Well she is back getting small dick and I am back humiliating guys with small dicks so the world is all right again.

Bring on the humiliation phone sex!

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