Merry Christmas the Bratty Princess Way

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Man who knew keeping up with being a phone sex princess and a sex kitten blogger would be such hard work. I know doesnt sound like it would but OMG its seriously cutting into my shopping time and well just teasing the old dudes at the mall. Unfortunately, I had to move my cute butt to the mall with all the crazy storms that have hit the west coast. I know you dont expect a girl like me there but what can I do.

Really I should be on the beach somewhere and normally when the sun is out that is where you will find me but since I am Canadian you can only be there for so long before your chattering your teeth which is so not sexy. I hit the beach path now for a walk but I am so bundled up you cant see my super cute outfits some of the hot sugar daddies have bought their adorable princess. Which really is a shame so I hit the mall and wander around swaying my cute butt back and forth so everyone can get a drool fest on.

Oh and you guys so do!

Swear I should have a guy follow behind me with a bucket and mop to clean up the mess some of you old farts are making. I just laugh as I walk by. Well a few of you know exactly how drool enhancing my giggle can be hahah cause you have called me for a humiliation phone sex call. Who doesnt love being humiliated by someone so super cute. The best part as I am laughing at your loser ass your wallet is being drained. O.0 Ok so thats the part I like Ha!

Well I am having fun with that.

I know Christmas is coming up in the next few days and I am around between now and that day then I will be spending it with family. Gonna get spoiled by them but really just cause I am not around doesnt mean you cant spoil your favourite sugar baby princess. I have a fun wish list and well tip buttons on my niteflirt page. So tip away!

So all the losers on the phone and the ones in the mall drooling over my ass Merry Christmas! Come give me a call so can actually wish you a Happy Holidays in my own bratty princess way 😉

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