Foot Fetish Boys Worship My Cute Teen Feet

Your favorite bratty phone sex tease with the cute teen feet did an impromptu pedi at this place in the mall. Normally I wouldnt plunk my cute 19teen ass down in one of those fake leather seats but I had a few very good reasons for doing it.

cute teen feet phone sex

First my feet were in need of some new polish. Sure I could of changed it at home with the gazillion polishes I have but why? When I can have someone bow down at my cute teen feet. Ha! No really! Sure I would much rather have some guy paying attention to my cute feet but what ever.

Old men love drooling over cute teen feet!

Secondly, there were tons of old men at the mall. I will do anything to be able to flash my cute teen feet. Sure even though I dont want to be seen in that mall pedicure place you bet your ass that I was picking the chair that was right up front of the store. Let those old perverted man sit across from the glass windows and stare at a hot teen getting her cute feet pampered.

Really! Like they put a fucking bench in the middle of the mall right in front of the nail tech place. You know some dude with a foot fetish planned that one out.

So I sit there with my skirt pulled up to just above the middle of my thigh.

My cute feet soaking away in the bubbly water.

The jets from the foot bath letting some of the bubbles splash up on my bare legs.

Every so often letting my toes pop up over the edge of the tub giving a little wiggly wave.  Any time I saw an old man stop to look. Think my toes spent more time out of the water than in. Lots of foot fetish perverts in the mall. Ha silly me. Course there are you all are hanging out specifically for that nail salon. Had a few just have to stop to sit down and “wait” for their wives or what ever. They put on a pretty good act like they were waiting for someone. Yup waiting for my cute teen feet to be done being pampered.

Anyways I am home with my toes all pretty nice cute pink. *wiggles toes* Now that I have teased all the guys at the mall I am ready for some fun foot fetish phone sex calls. Who is up to be teased by my cute teen feet.


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