Bratty Princess Bio

So this is where I tell you all about me.

The hottest thing to every pop up on the web.

Well anywhere. Really.

Name is Tegan, I am 19teen from what some would consider the land of snow and ice aka Canada. The west coast to be exact. Where really I am rarely in a parka. Most the time the weather is pretty awesome. Summer is cute dresses and sandals. The winter does rain way too much so have to wear skinny jeans with hot boots. Either way if you have a foot fetish then you will really love me.

bratty phone princess bio

I go to school but well lets just say my attendance isnt the greatest. Which means I am not on the 4 year program more like the 9 year college degree program at the rate I am going but what ever, with the boys, shopping, teasing, and well more shopping, who wants to keep their head in the books anyways. Boring!

Ended up doing phone sex cause my roomie did it. She said it was the best way to not have to dip your hands in a fryer and have guys spoil you for being super cute. She got a boyfriend and then that was that she was no longer doing phone sex.

She taught me a few things before she stopped doing it all together. In this case I was an awesome student and more than happy to put in some extra study sessions.

Now when I am not out shopping and with my friends ya can find me teasing some old man on the phone.

Suppose I should tell ya what I like talking about.

Tease and denial ~ orgasm denial, cock control, jerk off instructions

Bratty Domination which really is a whole whack of shit tossed into one category. Strap on, Humiliation, Cum eating.

Chastity and even key holding.


Being your sugar baby in some light financial domination. Yup all over that.

GFE but not all omg lovey dovey just more you wish you had me as your girlfriend and wanna look after me.

So ya that is the long and short of who this pint size brunette bratty tease is.

Course you will get to know me more through my blogs 🙂


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